No channels available.

Please call +46 (0) 42 37 55 35 - +46 (0) 720 067 999 - +46 (0) 720065999

No WLAN, No Internet availability.

Wi-Fi is ON, turn it OFF, if you want to use the cabel.

The picture is black.

Restart the box by unplug the A/C Adapter and plug it back again.

Green Screen

If you get a green screen while watching TV, this mean your internet connection is slow.

Freez and 0% Symbol

If you get a sumbol 0% of right top on the screen while watching TV, and a freez. This mean your internet connection is slow.

The sound and the picture does not hang together

If the sound and the picture dont hang together, please send us a e-mail on to informe us.

Restore deleted channels

If you have deleted any channel by misstake and want to restore it again.

Please do the ''Clear Data Step''.

Where do i found my BOX ID?

If you flip your BOX, you will found the BOX ID.

Clear Data


Go to ''SETTINGS''



Then press on ''Clear Data''


Go to ''SETTINGS''


''Manage Applications''

Search for ''SMART IPTV'' application

Then press on the ''CLEAR DATA''

Now you can go to the channels and they should work as well.

Network Error

This mean that you have a local problem with the internet.

Check the cabel in modem/router.

Check the network cabel in the box.

Restart router/modem and IPTV Box.